• Aluminum Wheel Chocks
  • Hi-Per Hangers
  • Ultimax Anchors
  • CamSure Tie-Down Straps

The BLACK+GRAY Honda Motorcycle Collection

Our Product Development...

What you get is what you see… and at BLACK+GRAY what you see matters. Our goal is to design innovative products that are as elegant in the way they look as the motorcycles they complement. That goes for everything we do – from wheel chocks to apparel to hardware to the way we package what we sell.

What you get is also more than what you see. At BLACK+GRAY we are serious about function, performance and quality. We design and manufacture products for people who won’t settle for "good enough."

You can get cheaper but you can’t get better.

Ultimax Tie-Down Anchors are unique in the industry for their strength, materials, flexibility and range of application.

CamSure Tie-Down Straps® are designed to provide the "ease-of-use" of a cam strap combined with the "security" of a ratchet strap

Maintain your Motorcycle Leathers and expensive garments! Heavy-Duty Hi-Per Hangers hold up to 150 lbs.

Aluminum Wheel Chocks are robust wheel chocks that take the design, fit and finish of these essential products to a new level.