BLACK+GRAY Design+Manufacturing ..always innovative!®

At BLACK+GRAY we believe everything that touches your motorcycle is part of the experience and should meet the same high design, engineering and performance standards you demand of the motorcycle itself.

A motorcycle is more than a ride ... it's a total experience.

Designers and Manufacturers of Aluminum and Plastic Wheel Chocks, Ultimax Tie Down Anchors, Hi-Per Hanger Garment Care System, Pit Boards, Timing Boards and a line of high-quality BLACK+GRAY Sports Apparel. Offering unique, innovative and successful products based on decades of motorcycle racing, recreational riding and 30 years of product design experience.

BLACK+GRAY's innovative motorcycle transport products include both an Aluminum Line and Plastic Line of Wheel Chocks to fit any motorcycle without damage to rotors. Transport products include “Quick Dis-Connect” kits, 4”, 6” and 8” chocks for the front tires as well as the unique “Rear” wheel chock only available from BLACK+GRAY.

BLACK+GRAY Hi-Per Hangers are patented high-performance hangers designed for motorcycle leathers or any other valuable gear. The Hi-Per Hanger is engineered for performance, supporting over 150 lbs. of leathers/gear while maintaining the shape of your garments and allowing them to breathe and dry.

Ultimax Tie-Down Anchors are unique high-quality tie-down hardware designed to complement BLACK+GRAY's distinctive line of motorcycle, roadracing and transport products. These heavy-duty anchor plates and deck hardware are engineered for use in open or closed trucks and trailers to secure motorcycles or other cargo. Six Ultimax models range from simple tie-down rings to rotating recessed pan fittings.

CamSure Tie-Down Straps® are high-quality, heavy-duty tie-down straps for securing motorcycles and other cargo in open or closed trucks and trailers. Our unique design provides the ease-of use of a cam strap combined with the security of a ratchet strap.

BLACK+GRAY Pit Boards are preferred and used by professional race teams. Pit Board Products include both manual Digital System and Traditional Card Systems with optional Message Sets. Designed for ease of use, maximum rider/driver legibility and made from durable lightweight aluminum and plastic materials.