CamSure® Product Development


unique tie-down strap design
ease-of-use of a cam strap combined with the security of a ratchet strap
tie-down strap unique secure clamping mechanism
easy-release tie-down strap mechanism

BLACK+GRAY’s reputation as an innovator in motorcycle, roadracing and transport products is based on over 30 years experience in design, engineering and motorcycle riding, racing and trailering. Our CamSure Tie-Down Straps® offer a unique high-quality, application-specific tie-down strap solution for motorcycle and other transport needs.

Take a careful look at the hundreds of existing tie-down strap products and we think you’ll agree that serious motorcyclists and roadracers again, deserve better. Competitors’ websites offer either the very simple and easy to use "cam" type tie-down strap or the not so simple to use ratcheting tie-down straps. The problems are these:

Cams…easy, simple but, how many times have you stopped, check your load and found your bike leaning because the cam strap loosened. While trailering motorcycles, cam straps will "back-out" and loosen due to the shock loading on the cam strap with every bump in the road.

Ratchet tie-down straps…aside from usually over compressing most suspensions due to the mechanical advantage of the devices, the more features manufactures attempt to build in to these products the more complex and cumbersome they become for the user when either tightening or loosening the straps.

At BLACK+GRAY we always take a different approach. Our intention was to create top quality hardware with design distinction and special function for specific conditions and applications. We started out by looking at what our customers need and where existing products fail to fit the bill. We determined that the ideal tie-down strap would target the "middle-ground" between cam and ratchet straps. We explored scores of design concepts and developed a solution that provides the "ease-of-use" of a cam strap combined with the"security" of a ratchet strap: the BLACK+GRAY CamSure Tie-Down Strap®. We tested production-ready CamSure Tie-Down Straps® in our own facility using stringent, verifiable standards and procedures. And we contracted with US manufacturers to supply high quality parts.


What you get is what you see…and at BLACK+GRAY what you see matters. Our goal is to design innovative products that are as elegant in the way they look as the motorcycles they complement. That goes for everything we do – from wheel chocks to apparel to hardware to the way we package what we sell.

What you get is also more than what you see. At BLACK+GRAY we are serious about function, performance and quality. We design and manufacture products for people who won’t settle for "good enough." CamSure Tie-Down Straps® are in a class by themselves. Unique in appearance and attention to detail, they are also unique in the industry for form and function.

You can get cheaper but you can’t get better.

tie down strap design concept sketch
unique locking mechanism
tie down strap mock-up
tie down strap 3D model
tie down strap innovative design
tie down strap product design

CamSure Tie-Down Straps® are manufactured of high quality steel and aluminum alloys and hardware|fasteners. Metal components are powdercoated to provide a durable, good-looking finish. 1.5" x 5.5' | 6,000 lb.-test nylon webbing with double security stitching is used on all tie-down assemblies. Vinyl coated, secure latch-hooks finish each strap assembly. 1" x 18" | 4,500 lb.-test nylon webbing with double security stitching is used on all soft tie assemblies.

CamSure Tie-Down Straps® were tested by BLACK+GRAY using certified load scales and a custom built testing jig driven by a hydraulic cylinder ram. BLACK+GRAY’s unique locking mechanism and tie-down straps are tested and load-rated at angles of 45º and 180º.

Working Load Limit for CamSure® Tie-Down Straps: 500 lbs.

hydraulic cylinder ram testing jig
500 lb WLL tie-down strap
certified load scale

motorcycle secured for transport with tie-down straps snd wheel chocks

BLACK+GRAY, I just wanted to let you know about an unusual event in which the below (CamSure) straps performed far beyond our expectations. Our trailer and two strapped-down motorcycles were stolen last weekend and taken on a high-speed chase from the police. The truck driver eventually crashed and ended up on a center median. The police were expecting the straps to snap and the bikes to fly off at them, so they were particularly complimentary of how well we strapped the bikes down and the fact that the straps didn't break during the ordeal. Not only that, but after the bikes and trailer were recovered, we didn't even have to re-strap the bikes in -- they were still good to go. There was no damage or wear to the straps at all. So, thanks to good transport gear and a quick response by the police department, everything was safe and it felt like a miracle.”

J.L. , Los Angeles, CA

August, 2013