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BLACK+GRAY Wheel Chocks


Black+Gray Plastic Wheel Chocks have a low profile and won't bend large disc brake rotors like conventional steel hoop chocks can (and did on my Hayabusa), and are available with a clever quick-disconnect mounting system using Dzus fasteners. The optional quick-disconnect mounts can be installed entirely from above the wooden floor in a trailer or box van, eliminating the need to crawl around underneath the trailer or truck to install nuts on through-the-floor bolts. The instructions for installation are clear, simple and easy-to-follow, and the chocks have proven convenient in the Roadracing World box van. They may be more difficult to install in the ribbed bed of a pickup truck, simply because the chock side flanges must rest on a flat surface but for box van or trailer use they're hard to beat. The Black+Gray chocks are available in three widths, 4-inch for off-road and Vintage bikes, 6-inch for modern sportbikes and racebikes, and 8-inch for use by riders who want to tie their bike down rear-wheel first. ... I've used the 6-inch and 8-inch chocks with quick-disconnect kits, all for tying in bikes front-wheel first, and they have worked and held up great. The quick- disconnect kits make it very convenient to remove the chocks when it's time to haul something other than motorcycles, or to work in the trailer or box van.