BLACK+GRAY Product Review
2002 New Product

BLACK+GRAY Hi-Per Hangers


Black+Gray Design and Manufacturing, has created a unique "high-performance specialty garment care system" . . .the Hi-Per Hanger!

Finally, throw away all those stolen motel hangers and cruddy hangers the manufacturers give you with your expensive protective garments! The Hi-Per Hanger has been designed to properly support and care for your specialized and valuable gear.

From Motorcycling and Drag Racing leathers, Scuba Diving wetsuits, Fire and Rescue "turnout" equipment, Industrial Hygiene and Haz-Mat suits, to Outdoor Sport camouflage, shooting vests and bulky Winter Expedition wear; Hi-Per will transform the performance and life of your treasured gear.

The Hi-Per Hanger, manufactured from all non-corrosive materials, brushed and powder-coated aluminum, molded plastic and stainless steel, will hold over 150 lbs. weight, and can be adjusted to varying shoulder widths. Wide shoulder supports maintain the garments' shape and, most essential, facilitate complete drying after use by both supporting and opening the garment to the air.

For two-piece garments, "Power-Clips" are integral to the system. These aggressive clips are designed to "hold on" without damaging pants, gloves, or other accessories. The Power-Clips are manufactured from the same high quality materials as the Hi-Per Hanger with the addition of rubber tipped jaws to prevent slippage. Power-Clips can be added, adjusted and placed in multiple positions on the hanger for a variety of hanging arrangements.